RWANDA’S MEDIA CRITICS: A recycled tired nobodys

Since the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi that will be commemorated this April, there has been an ever-growing bunch of critics and alleged Rwanda experts.

And these so-called Rwanda experts, mostly from Western countries, know very little about Rwanda. I dare say, most of them could not have pointed to Rwanda on the map prior to 1994.

Many of Rwanda’s critics have not done any independent research or visited Rwanda, or spent considerable time in the country gathering information. As a result, they all quote each other, back and forth, and organizations so obviously anti-Rwanda. This re-cycling has become the extent of information they use to demonize Rwanda and deny the amazing progress Rwanda has made in the last 20 years.

Come in, Lara Santoro the other day, in her article : “Why Is the US Funding Rwanda’s Deadly regime?” We are told she covered Rwanda for the Christian Science Monitor and Newsweek from 1997 to 2003.

The title of her article is meant to arouse emotion from her readers and entertain Kigali’s enemies. Not a shred of evidence for the accusations she makes — other than to re-allege what Amnesty International, Filip Reyntjens, Brian Endless have said. Always the same group,notice?

And for good measure, Santoro throws in what the patently anti-Rwanda organization, Human Rights Watch, has alleged. Again, without presenting evidence.

And to make her piece look and sound original and authoritative, Santoro quotes none other than RNC’s big mouth Theogene Rudasingwa, whom she refers to as “one of the leaders of the Rwandan opposition in exile.” Such comic relief. Please, spare us.

Academicians and responsible journalists should not disregard the truth with impunity. Santoro comments on Karegeya’s recent murder in South Africa. Much as the South African police has not finished its investigation, Santoro has concluded on her own how Karegeya met his end and who is responsible. She concludes by, again quoting Rudasingwa. When did convicted felons become believable?

Amusing that every time one of these Rwanda so-called experts quote Rudasingwa they mention that he was at one time Rwanda’s ambassador to the United States, plus several other positions he held in the past that have made him who is. Yes, folks, positions for which he took oath of allegiance to never seek to cause harm or disrepute to the Republic.

Yet, when one points to the consequences of such treasonous and bad behavior people rise up in arms.

Surely there must be consequences to the Snowdens of this world. Every action must have a consequence.

About Willis Shalita

I am a writer who is very impassioned about Rwanda and its remarkable journey from the barbaric carnage of Genocide against Tutsi. I am an avid photographer. I believe the African story should be told through African lenses. Our time has come. If not now, when?
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