It all begun in 1885 when Europeans, with shameless impunity partitioned Africa, thus commencing the scramble for our lands.

However you look at it, colonialism was an immoral operation whose core philosophy was based on the theory of superiority of the races.

Hand in hand with christianity, colonialism under-developed Africa and committed untold crimes against Africans. Sadly enough there are Africans who believe that colonialism was a good thing for Africa, because it brought us “civilization” and “education” and gave us “christian” names. Imagine that! But, this is a topic for another day.

Yes, Africa gained much from interacting with Europeans. But can one argue with a straight face that this relationship was not lop sided, to the advantage of the invaders?

One would assume that beginning with Ghana’s independence in 1957, Africans would get over their colonial hangover and become masters of their own destiny. There is little evidence to indicate that we have done well in this regard.

As Europeans returned whence they came from after the winds of independence swept the continent, they had to think of yet another ploy to keep an eye on our natural resources. In droves they have been coming back as experts and “investors”: and what this means is that they help us mine our gold and diamonds, harvest our tea and coffee, send it to Europe and elsewhere, only to send it back packaged and over-priced.

If Africa is to make headway this trend has to stop. It is not rocket science.

The other day I read that Ben Affleck (BATMAN) is to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as an “expert” to discuss the troubled DRC.

The dictionary definition of expert is “someone with special skills and knowledge”, an “authority” on a given subject, and “trained by practice.”

Yes, Affleck through his Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) has done good deeds in the DRC to uplift the lives of those afflicted by the endless wars and ethnic violence. He is a good actor, handsome man, but expert on the DRC he is not. In 2012, the GOP-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee refused to accord Affleck time to address them. And rightly so.

Affleck and other like-minded stars can use their stardom and money to bring change where it is needed. But when it comes to policy issues we need to be more pragmatic.

What’s next? Madonna will be called as an expert on Malawi because she adopted a Malawian child?

And while on this subject let me say this; African children should not be traded on the international market because they live in poverty. This is a painful and shameful practice that goes against all African cultures. Africans have nobody to blame but themselves.

I hope I don’t live long enough to witness Mickey Mouse testifying before a Congressional committee on the genocide in Darfur.

About Willis Shalita

I am a writer who is very impassioned about Rwanda and its remarkable journey from the barbaric carnage of Genocide against Tutsi. I am an avid photographer. I believe the African story should be told through African lenses. Our time has come. If not now, when?
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One Response to SO-CALLED AFRICAN EXPERTS : What a farce

  1. ED says:

    Very good anlaysis.I dont know why we always blame others for our mistakes..China and other Asian countires were colonized,suffered but China is the second powerful country after USA ( per GPD)..why ,us,Africans are we good at killing each,hating each other and praising the westerners..who was born christian,muslim,..? did VATICAN or MECCA stopped slavery,colonisation,etc,,,NO,why u believe in religion than loving your african brother?I am not opposing ppl to believe in God,i believe myself but why we believe without thinking..Will God stop me to enter the “paradise” because i dont have european/juish/muslim name..if my great grand father was a good man,will he be refused to enter the paradise becase he was not called ADOLF ? We have no excuse for our failure…As per African makes me laugh..but why we allow them to act so?Be proud of who you are..if only You knew how beautiful and intelligent you are,you would not count on others to live..


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