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RWANDA’S LIBERATION DAY : More than the fall of evil

In a few days, we will be marking the 20th. year since Rwanda was liberated on July 4, 1994. It is a day that understandably is loaded with emotion, ambivalence and much soul searching. Some may even argue that this … Continue reading

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BRAVO GHANA : Shame, shame on Cameroon

A few hours back,today, Ghana did the un-expected in their match against Germany by holding them at bay, with an even final score of 2-2. The so-called “BLACK STARS” shinned all the way through and held their own against one … Continue reading

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SANITIZING THE FDLR : We cannot be fooled

The FDLR is nothing but a terrorist group, composed of former Rwanda army soldiers (and their off-spring of the last twenty years) who carried out the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. It does not matter who says otherwise. This is … Continue reading

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Four years ago today, (Dr.)Alexandre Kimenyi answered his final call and with his death Rwanda lost one of its brightest star but his deeds, philosophy and spirit still resound all around us. I write, not to mourn him though I … Continue reading

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US FOREIGN POLICY : Hypocritical, big time

The U.S. State Department has expressed concern about the alleged ” arrest and disappearances of dozens of Rwanda citizens in Rwanda over the past month”, this according to Marie Harf of the Office of the Spokesperson at the State Department. … Continue reading

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RUDASINGWA DEFENDS FRANCE : Desperation of a tragic figure

In his most recent convuluted diatribe titled “Rwanda : No to Humiliation and Appeasement” (May 30, 2014) Theogene Rudasingwa seems to have landed an assignment of defending France’s active role in the Genocide against Tutsi. Paid or not paid, I … Continue reading

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