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Last week I appeared before a Congressional Committee looking into Rwanda’s Human Rights record, and appearing were State Department officials, so-called “experts” on Rwanda, including a former U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda. Appearing also were two Rwandans, (I choose to call … Continue reading

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RWANDA YOUTH FORUM -Dallas: Kagame challenges Rwandan youths

President Kagame today was welcomed to the RWANDAN YOUTH FORUM here in Dallas with thunderous, warm and excited vigor by over 700 Rwandan youths. Those who demonize and castigate President Kagame ought to have been here to see such youthful … Continue reading

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HIMBARA & HIGIRO: Two sorry men without AGACIRO

Yesterday I appeared as a witness before the U.S. Congressional Subcommitte on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations in Washington, D,C., along with fellow Rwandans, Himbara and Higiro. Today, let me tell you about Himbara, and if … Continue reading

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I have a feeling that had Barack Obama not run for president and won, Republicans would never have ever entertained the idea of fielding a black candidate. Why? It is not in their DNA. Like it or not, the GOP … Continue reading

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Africans, for the most part, do not keep time hence the jokes about “African time.” You get visitors, and more often than not, they over-stay and exhaust their welcome. This seems to be the case, sad to say, with African … Continue reading

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AFRICAN MIGRANTS : Voiceless,poor and wretched

What is happening today at both ends of the African continent reminds me of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere’s words decades back; “what Africans are doing to one another is shameful.” Nyerere was at the time referring to ethnic/tribal wars and constant … Continue reading

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