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OBAMA’S AFRICA VISIT: I am not impressed – to little,too late

Let me be clear, I am very disappointed in President Obama’s Africa policy. Six years into his presidency I see nothing impressive in his committment to the continent of his ancestors. Zero. Obama’s foreign policy on Africa pales compared to … Continue reading

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RWANDANS HAVE SPOKEN : Cool minds must prevail

The Rwandan parliament, following a petition signed by a reported whopping 3.6 million Rwandans to amend the constitution to allow President Kagame a third term, has overwhelmingly voted to put the question to a referendum. That is democracy at work, … Continue reading

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GEORGE W. BUSH : Dishonorable conduct

George Bush was president for 8 years, from 2001 to 2009. Under him America conducted two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan in which 4,486 (that’s the official figure) soldiers were killed, well over 30,000 wounded and maimed. History will not … Continue reading

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LIBERATION DAY – 21: Our resolve endures

Twenty one years ago today, men and women of the RPF took matters into their own hands and ended bad governance in Rwanda that had turned the Motherland into a failed mediocre State. Today, we salute their courage, resilience and … Continue reading

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