Not that we did not know of the active role France played in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, but sometimes it helps to look at the naked truth to appreciate the intensity and callousness of their role.

The sheer impunity and aggressiveness of French troops, from active combat role to manning roadblocks alongside INTERAHAMWE where they identified Tutsi and handed them over to be killed has now been exposed. It matters not that it has taken this long.

In a bombshell of a book, “SILENT ACCOMPLICE : The Untold Story of France’s Role in the Rwanda Genocide”, (ISBN 10:1 84511 247 4/ ISBN 13:978 1 84511 247 9) Andrew Wallis lays it all  there, beyond a shadow of doubt, with amazing clarity and overwhelming evidence.

Some of the evidence is truly chilling.

For over 22 years France has distanced itself from collusion with Habyarimana’s genocidal regime, hiding behind diplomatic walls, but Wallis’s research and incontrovertible evidence finally puts France squarely in the dock.

Gen Romeo Dallaire says of the book “… This interference and less than helpful involvement in the denouncement of a civil war and genocide by different levels of the French Government is a reflection of self-interest and inept use of what should have been the moral authority of a world power.”

“The French government instead chose to intervene on the side of one of the most ruthless and destructive group of genocidaires in world history.”

Media Ba, author of “RWANDA, Un Genocide Francais says, “Through the quality of his sources and the rigour of his analysis, Andrew Wallis renders France’s complicity in the Rwandan Genocide undeniable.”

Truly a must read for all Rwandans and lovers of history. No longer can France close its eyes to the bloodshed they caused in Rwanda and their criminal association with genocidaires.

In the book Wallis reveals;

1. The West was ultimately ineffectual.

2. France was keen to defend its influence in Africa, even if it meant complicity in genocide.

3. In the words of French President Miterrand “In countries like that, genocide is not so important.”

4. Both before and during the genocide, French special forces armed and trained the INTERAHAMWE … Who carried out most of the killing.

5. Like all genocides, this one (genocide against Tutsi) had been meticulously planned and organized up to two years in advance. It was a genocide that intelligent, professional, university educated people had masterminded.

6. The United States, in the guise of President Clinton, and his official adviser to the U.N. Madeleine Albright, stand accused of monumental arrogance and indifference as they prepared to watch Rwanda and its people burn for political and electoral reasons.

7. The French intervention 1990 was very much aimed at ensuring the continuity of French influence in the country, and the continuation of a brutal, corrupt and “apartheid-based” regime.

8. White Fathers – a Catholic missionary founded in 1868 – threw their weight behind ethnic division and authoritarian rule, preaching the same gospel of Hutu supremacy and total loyalty to the leadership in the capital Kigali.

9. The French government described the RPF as “Khmer Noir” (Black Khmers), a reference to the genocide and killing fields of Cambodia where Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge murdered two million fellow countrymen in the late 1970s.

NOTE: France at the time supported Pol Pot and his bloody henchmen in their “year zero” revolution.

10. In total, France sold $24 million of arms to Rwanda during 1990-94. This figure does not include secret deliveries.

In Part 2, I will discuss more damning evidence against France’s complicity and active participation in the genocide against Tutsi.


About Willis Shalita

I am a writer who is very impassioned about Rwanda and its remarkable journey from the barbaric carnage of Genocide against Tutsi. I am an avid photographer. I believe the African story should be told through African lenses. Our time has come. If not now, when?
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  1. Mujura says:

    Exploit and plunder! This has been France’s modus operandi in all their ex-colonies and
    in their spheres of influence. At least the British left behind administration systems and educational institutions. In their desperation to continue mooching, they miscalculated in Rwanda. Kudos to the
    authorities in Rwanda for going Commonwealth. They should be completely banished from Rwanda. We all pay for our miscalculations.

    As Europe titters on the brink of collapse, they will need Africa more than ever. France should be
    reminded of their complicity and made to surrender the fugitives they are protecting. We can only
    imagine if a country was protecting the terrorists from the Paris bombings.

    Is the ICC at The Hague looking into France’s complicity in Rwanda? Let me take a wild guess, not a chance!

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